The interactive organisation chart gives an overview of the Faculty's organisational structure and most important committees.

The Faculty Council is the most important decision-making body in the Faculty and consists of 13 status group representatives. Among other tasks, the Faculty Council determines the study and examination regulations, makes appointment suggestions and establishes and dissolves scientific bodies.

The Office of the Dean manages the Faculty in accordance with §89 Bremen Higher Education Act (BremHG) and represents the Faculty within the University and on national subject and degree-specific boards.


Members of administrative staff support study, research and teaching in the Faculty through responsible management of public funds. A key priority is maintaining high standards in transparency of procedures and equal treatment.


Looking for information on Faculty of Social Sciences employees and professorships? Here you can find contact information for all members of staff and look up the numerous professorships in the Faculty.

Here you find information on Faculty administration, concerning examination boards and the representatives for study and teaching, as well as further information on numerous committees and commissions.

The Faculty Women's Representative's main tasks are promoting gender-specific interests in research, teaching and human resources policy.