The Dean manages an University Faculty. In Faculty 08, he is elected for a term of two years by the Faculty Council and can be described as "primus inter pares" due to his mainly administrative functions. Although fundamental decision-making powers at the University of Bremen lie with the Rector or Chancellor, the Dean can exert influence, for example in informal meetings with other Faculty Deans, thereby permitting an adequate representation of Faculty interests in dealing with University management. 

The Dean decides on the use of allocated Faculty funds, staff and facilities in accordance with § 89(5) BremHG. He is responsible for managing finances, delegating teaching responsibilities to guarantee teaching and examination options and granting benefits. In case of urgent matters in which the relevant body cannot reach a decision quickly enough, the Dean may deem it necessary to make a "fast-track" decision.

The Dean represents the Faculty both internally and externally. He chairs Faculty Council sessions and ensures the implementation of Faculty Council Resolutions. Furthermore, he develops structural and development plans, prepares budget estimates, takes part in orientation meetings with the Rector's Office and reaches target agreements with the University management. This demands a high level of professional competence and regular communication with all colleagues. In particular, close cooperation with Faculty Administration is essential.