Information for visiting students


Information for visiting students

Would you like to take up a study programme in the Social Sciences at the University of Bremen?

In general, if you wish to come to Bremen as part of an exchange programme (e.g. Erasmus) for one or two semesters, you are obliged to apply through your home university. All other prospective students must apply through SfS International. "Freemovers" will find the necessary Faculty confirmation documents under "Forms". 

Visiting students without sufficient German skills

Provided your English skills are at least equivalent to B2-level, you may take part in the English-language courses on offer in Faculty 08. With an language course you can thereby can complete the required 30 ECTS-Points.

Englisch-language courses on offer in Faculty 08
(specific offers for visiting students under par. II "International Office")

"Global Education" courses
(Offer by the main International Office)

Please discuss the Learning Agreement prior to departure with your Erasmus coordinator. If the course catalogue for your semester in Bremen is not yet available for your Learning Agreement, please consult the previous year's catalogue. 

Learn about other students' experiences of studying in Germany:

Beispiele für das englischsprachige Lehrangebot des Fachbereichs 08 - SOMMERSEMESTER
LV-Nummer Titel Typ, Dauer ECTS Dozent_in
08-M45-M1-1 Constructing Cultures in the Greater North Pacific Region Seminar, zweistündig 3-6 Punkte (D. Kaufmann)
08-M45-M1-2 The US Civil War and the Operning up of the American West in the Second Half of the 19th Century Seminar, zweistündig 3-6 Punkte (J. Dittmann-Balcar)
08-zsp-GS-1006 Internationales Modul Sozialwissenschaften - The Informal Sector Sem.&Field trip, zweistündig 3-6 Punkte (M. Thiele)
08-26-2-M2-2 Übung zur Einführung in die Politische Theorie Übung, zweistündig   (J. Smiles)
08-26-4-M11-5 Gender and Security Seminar, zweistündig 3-6 Punkte (J. Crane-Seeber)
Beispiele für das Englischsprachige Lehrangebot des Fachbereichs 08 - WINTERSEMESTER
LV-Nummer Titel Typ, Dauer ECTS Dozent_in
08-26-GE-2 Germany in the European Union Seminar, zweistündig 5 Punkte (D. Wolf)
08-26-5-M11-8 From Governments to Governance? International Organizations and Private Actors in Peace and Conflict Resolution Seminar, zweistündig 3-6 Punkte (A. Schneiker)
08-26-5-M12-2 China's Model of Development Seminar, zweistündig 3-6 Punkte (U. Liebert)
08-26-5-M12-4 Policy-Making in the European Union in a Global Context Seminar, zweistündig 6 Punkte (U. Sedelmeier)
08-27-WP2-11 Economics of Land - Market, Planning and Values Kurs, zweistündig 3 Punkte (Tzu-Chin Lin, M. Thiele)