Summer semester courses

Examples of Faculty 08 English-language courses during the summer semester
Course identification number Title Type, Duration ECTS Lecturer
08-M45-M1-1 Constructing Cultures in the Greater North Pacific Region Seminar, zweistündig 3-6 Punkte (D. Kaufmann)
08-M45-M1-2 The US Civil War and the Operning up of the American West in the Second Half of the 19th Century Seminar, zweistündig 3-6 Punkte (J. Dittmann-Balcar)
08-zsp-GS-1006 Internationales Modul Sozialwissenschaften - The Informal Sector Sem.&Field trip, zweistündig 3-6 Punkte (M. Thiele)
08-26-2-M2-2 Übung zur Einführung in die Politische Theorie Übung, zweistündig   (J. Smiles)
08-26-4-M11-5 Gender and Security Seminar, zweistündig 3-6 Punkte (J. Crane-Seeber)
08-26-4-M11-6 The Governance of European Security: Towards Effective Multilateralism Seminar, zweistündig 3-6 Punkte (S. Mayer)
08-26-4-M11-7 Development Cooperation Seminar, zweistündig 3-6 Punkte (E. Grawert)
08-26-4-M12-2 The External Relations of the European Union Seminar, zweistündig 3-6 Punkte (V. Axyonova)
08-26-4-M13-1 Labour Markets in Transition: Politics, Policy, and Economic Effects Seminar, zweistündig 3-6 Punkte (M. Wulfgramm)
08-28-M10-5 Peripheries within the Soviet Empire: People, regions, and traditions (1922-1991) Seminar, zweistündig 3-6 Punkte (A. Oberländer)
08-28-M10-6 Reading sources from the Soviet Empire Übung, zweistündig   (A. Oberländer)
08-29-GS19 Transitions and access across the life course: International comparative perspectives Seminar, zweistündig 3-6 Punkte (L. Andres)
08-29-4-T3-3 Historical Sociology Seminar, zweistündig 3-6 Punkte (Ch. Swader)
08-zsp-GS-1020 World Affairs Society (WAS) - Model United Nations Simulation Conference Kurse, zweistündig 3 Punkte  
08-26-M11-1 International Human Rights Seminar, zweistündig 3-6 Punkte (L. Mikalayeva)
08-26-M11-2 Diplomacy Seminar, zweistündig 3-6 Punkte (L. Mikalayeva)
08-26-M11-4 Development: Theories and Practices Seminar, zweistündig 3-6 Punkte (A. Veit)
08-26-M11-5 Gender und Global Governance Seminar, zweistündig 3-6 Punkte (H. Brabandt)
08-26-M12-6 The Political System of the USA in a comparative Perspective Seminar, zweistündig 3-6 Punkte (J. Sievers)
08-29-4-MSND-n Non-response, Missing Data and Multiple Imputation Seminar 3-6 Punkte (Kathrin Susanne Komp)
08-29-GS-21 Challenges of Contemporary Societies Seminar, zweistündig 3-6 Punkte (Mandy Boehnke)
08-29-GS-25 Introduction to Social Inequality and Family Dynamics Seminar, zweistündig 3-6 Punkte (Alexi Gugushvili)
08-zsp-GS-102 Internationales Modul Sozialwissenschaften: Crossing borders Seminar Seminar, zweistündig 6 Punkte (Michael Thiele)
08-28-M7-3 Demons, Accidents, Illnesses and Saints. Hagiography and Medieval Social History Seminar, zweistündig   (Jenni Maria Henriikka Kuuliala)
08-28-M10-7 Poles in the Russian culture Seminar, zweistündig   (Olga Sveshnikova)
08-28-M10-8 Poland and Russia: Political and Cultural Relations in the 19th and 20th Century Seminar, zweistündig   (Olga Sveshnikova)
08-28-M11-1 Holocaust and (hi)story-telling Seminar, zweistündig   (Magdalena Waligorska-Huhle)
08-M28-M2-8 Languages of Protest in Late-Communist Poland Project Seminar, zweistündig   (Magdalena Waligorska-Huhle)
08-26-MA6-2 Why the EU matters: Key controversies in European integration Seminar, zweistündig   (Ulrike Liebert)
08-351-MA2-1 International Political Economy Seminar   (Welf Werner)
08-351-MB2-1 Transformations of the State Seminar, dreistündig   (Kerstin Martens)
08-351-MC2-1 Social Theory and International Relations Seminar, dreistündig   (Klaus Schlichte)
08-351-MD2-1 Advanced Quantitative Methods Seminar   (Adalbert Wilhelm)
08-351-MAT-1 MA Thesis Seminar   (Peter Mayer, Corinna Unger)
08-26-M11-1 Regulation beyond the State Seminar, zweistündig   (Susanne Schmidt)
08-26-M11-2 The Kurds in the Modern Middle East Seminar, zweistündig   ( Roy Karadag)
08-26-M11-9 International Bureaucracy Seminar, zweistündig   (Zuzana Murdoch)
08-26-M12-2 Introduction to Comparative Politics of Post-Soviet states Seminar, zweistündig   (Nozima Akhrarkhodjaeva)
08-26-GS-4 China in a global perspective Seminar, Blockveranstaltung   (Kerstin Martens)
08-26-MA5-3 The welfare state in post-communist countries Seminar, zweistündig   (Monika Ewa Kaminska-Visser)
08-350-M5a-3 Comparing Welfare State Regimes Seminar, zweistündig   (Philip Manow)
08-26-MA7-2 Security Issues and Human Rights in World Politics Seminar, zweistündig   (Ulrich Franke)
08-350-M6-7 Labour Markets and income policy in comparative perspective Seminar, zweistündig   (Irene Dingeldey)
08-350-M6-3 European Labour Studies and Comparative Employment Relations Seminar, zweistündig   (Simone Haasler)
08-350-M6-4 English for Students of European Labour Studies and Social Policy (MA) Seminar, dreistündig   (Christof Dieterle)
08-29-4-MSND-n Non-response, Missing Data and Multiple Imputation Seminar 3-6 Punkte (Kathrin Susanne Komp)
08-29-GS-1a Work-Life Balance Vorlesung, zweistündig   (Sonja Drobnic)
08-29-GS-24 The Sociology of Inequality Research Colloquium, zweistündig 3 Punkte (Olaf Groh-Samberg)
08-29-GS-41 Acting socially sustainable in organisations - sociology meets Psychology (part 2) Seminar, zweistündig 3-6 Punkte (Sylke Meyerhuber)