Winter semester courses

Examples of Faculty 08 English-language courses during the winter semester
Course identification number Title Type, Duration ECTS Lecturer
08-26-GE-2 Germany in the European Union Seminar, zweistündig 5 Punkte (D. Wolf)
08-26-5-M11-8 From Governments to Governance? International Organizations and Private Actors in Peace and Conflict Resolution Seminar, zweistündig 3-6 Punkte (A. Schneiker)
08-26-5-M12-2 China's Model of Development Seminar, zweistündig 3-6 Punkte (U. Liebert)
08-26-5-M12-4 Policy-Making in the European Union in a Global Context Seminar, zweistündig 6 Punkte (U. Sedelmeier)
08-27-WP2-3 Urban History and Geography of Bremen and North Germany Seminar, zweistündig 4 Punkte (M. Thiele)
08-27-WP2-9 Climate Change Reconstructions Seminar, zweistündig 3-6 Punkte  
08-28-M12-3 Modern Latin American History: The Development of Political Cultures Seminar, zweistündig 3-6 Punkte (D. González de Reufels)
08-29-GS24 Sociology of Quality of Life Seminar, zweistündig 3-6 Punkte (L. Borisova, E. Uglanova)
08-zsp-GS-1020 World Affairs Society (WAS) - Model United Nations Simulation Conference Kurs, zweistündig 3 Punkte (Janna Wolff)
08-29-GS24 Sociology of Quality of Life Seminar, zweistündig, 3-6 Punkte (L. Borisova, E. Uglanova)
08-zsp-GS-1020 World Affairs Society (WAS) - Model United Nations Simulation Conference Kurs, zweistündig 3 Punkte (Janna Wolff)
08-27-GS-5 Development and the Natural Environment: Trade-offs and tensions between social and ecological sustainability Seminar, Blockkurs 3 Punkte (Marion Glaser)
08-29-5-MSND-a Grounded Theory: The Learning Behaviour Of University Students Seminar, Blockseminar 6/3 Punkte (Kathrin Susanne Komp)
08-29-5-MSND-b Statistics with Stata [Introduction to comparative survey data analysis] Seminar, zweistündig 6/3 Punkte (Nathan Breznau)
08-31-3-M7O-1 Contemporary Concepts of the European Union Nation state Supranational Union - Polycentric Polity - Empire Seminar, zweistündig 2 Punkte (Wolfgang Kissel)
08-28-M11-3 Poland and the Jews Seminar, zweistündig   (Magdalena Waligorska-Huhle)
08-28-M11-4 Travelling History. Jewish Heritage Tourism and Holocaust Tourism in Europe and Beyond Seminar, zweistündig,   (Magdalena Waligorska-Huhle)
08-351-1-MA1-1 War and Peace Seminar, dreistündig 7.5 Punkte (Klaus Schlichte)
08-351-1-MB1-1 International History Seminar, zweistündig 7.5 Punkte (Corinna Unger)
08-351-1-MC1-1 Modern Social Theory Seminar, dreistündig 7.5 Punkte (Martin Johannes Nonhoff)
08-351-1-MD1-1 Research Design Seminar, dreistündig 7.5 Punkte (Rainer Baumann)
08-351-3-MA3-1 Actors, Institutions, and Global Governance   7.5 Punkte (Laura Seelkopf, Henning Schmidtke)
08-351-3-MB3-1 Legalization and International Law   7.5 Punkte (Georg Ress)
08-351-3-MC3-1 Normative Theories of International Order Seminar, dreistündig 7.5 Punkte (Peter Mayer)
08-351-3-MD3-1 Advanced Quantitative Methods Seminar   7.5 Punkte (Kamil Marcinkiewicz)
08-26-5-M11-5 International Cooperation. Issues and Approaches Seminar, zweistündig   (Rainer Baumann)
08-26-5-M12-5 Thinking beyond the European crisis: Theory, case studies and comparisons Seminar 6 Punkte (Ulrike Liebert)
08-26-5-M12-6 Democratic accountability in the EU Seminar, zweistündig   (Thorsten Hüller)
08-26-5-M12-7 The welfare state in postcommunist countries Seminar, zweistündig   (Monika Ewa Kaminska-Visser)
08-26-5-M12-8 Political institutions: Germany in comparative perspective Seminar, zweistündig   (Holger Döring)
08-26-5-M12-9 Speaking with One Voice? Recent Developments in EU Foreign Policy Seminar, vierstündig   (Zuzana Murdoch)
08-350-1-M3-1 Comparative Social Policy Seminar, zweistündig   (Holger Straßheim)
08-350-1-M3-2 International and European Social Policy Seminar, zweistündig   (Miriam Bettina Hartlapp-Zugehoer)