The four scientific institutes within the Faculty of Social Sciences combine excellent research with numerous study courses.

The Institute of Geography covers a wide range of subject-areas: five professors from both fields of Geography deal with topics ranging from Climate Research to Urban Geography. Over 700 students make up four Bachelor's and two Master's study programmes.

Research and study of History at the University of Bremen takes place in individual working groups. Main areas of focus are: the classical period, the Middle Ages, the early modern period, modern and contemporary history and teaching didactics of History.

The Institute of Political Science in Faculty 08 is the core of Political Science at the University of Bremen. The Insitute is responsible for the entire syllabus for the field of Political Science, including the Bachelor's and Master's programmes. Research in Political Science occurs in various independent research institutions linked to the Institute.

The Institute of Sociology is one of the subject's most prestigious teaching institutions in Germany and has been highly influential in German Sociology for many years. The course options at the Institute of Sociology guarantee a comprehensive and challenging education in the field.

Die Integrierten Europastudien (IES) sind ein interdisziplinärer BA-Studiengang, in dessen Rahmen die Umbrüche in Europa vor und nach 1989 sowohl sozialwissenschaftlich als auch kulturwissenschaftlich untersucht werden.