Jean Monnet Centre for European Studies

The Jean Monnet Centre for European Studies (CEuS) in Faculty 08 - Social Sciences was created in 2001 as part of the transnational "Jean Monnet Centres of Excellence" network with funding from the European Commission and University of Bremen. Interdisciplinary cooperation takes place, with researchers from the fields of politics, law, cultural sciences, sociology and history sharing a common interest in examining the problems facing the EU, its expansion and role in a global context.

CEuS participates in third-party-funded research and the teaching of certain modules (since 2004 BA-Integrated European Studies; BA/MA Political Science; since 2007 BIGSSS). Furthermore, CEuS is a forum for international researchers and students for academic exchange and works with partner universities from within Europe and beyond, including Haifa, Moscow, Changchun, Dalian/China and New Delhi. CEuS is one of the founding members of the regional Bremer Europazentrum e.V. (BEZ e.V.) and is involved in regular public talks and debates on current European topics. These are open to interested residents of Bremen in EuropaPunktBremen, Bremen Parliament, in the historic centre of the Hanseatic town of Bremen.