Additional information and web pages to scholarships and sponcership for your study and PhD.


Stifterverband focuses its efforts primarily on the fields of education, science and innovation. To date, it is the only organisation in Germany to engage in holistic work in all three areas, with projects that build on one another with synergistic effect. Stifterverband actively promotes equal opportunities in education, excellent universities and internationally competitive research institutions. Its instruments range from extracurricular talent promotion and higher education structural programmes to detailed analyses of the scientific and innovation system that serves as a basis for recommended policy courses of action.

The Rhodes Scholarships for Germany

The Rhodes Scholarships are postgraduate awards supporting outstanding all-round students at the University of Oxford, and providing transformative opportunities for exceptional individuals. The Rhodes Scholarship selection committees seek young women and men of outstanding intellect, character, leadership, and commitment to service.  The Scholarships support students who demonstrate a strong propensity to emerge as 'leaders for the world’s future'. A class of 95 Scholars is selected each year from many countries all over the world.

Stipendienlotse (BMBF)

The interactive plattform "Stipendienlotse" is offered by the Federal Ministry BMBF to find a scholarship for your personal needs. By analysing many different criteria the database will select the most matching scholarship program for students and postgraduates.


The aim of this scholarship program is to provide targeted financial support to talented and committed young people, helping them to successfully complete their academic studies. The stipend of 300 euros per month is funded half by the Federal Ministry and by private sponsors, foundations and companies. 

Locate a scholarship for your personal needs. The analysis uses a matching procedure with 34 criteria based on a database of more than 2,300 scholarship programs.