Political Science

Here you will find an overview of the degree programmes on offer at the Institute of Political Science.

The focus of Political Science lies on political institutions, such as government, parliament, judiciary, parties, public administration and international organisations. Research looks at political processes and associated power mechanisms and conflicts of interest (politics), political topics and programmes in various political fields (policy) and their administrative implementation (polity).

The research-oriented Master's study programme in Political Science focuses on four main aspects, besides an introduction to research methods and practices: Political Theory, Policy Areas and Public Administration, Comparative Politics and European Integration as well as International Relations.

The Master of Education in Political Science (School profiles: Gymnasium / Oberschule / Berufsbildende Schulen) stands out due to its emphasis on practical content.
The teaching practicality of the subject matter in the fields of political science and political didactics are consistently reevaluated.

Social Policy MA

The Master's study programme "Social Policy" is an internationally renowned, two-year course with four main areas of study: Labour and Social Security, European Labour Studies, Health Care System and Health Policy. Successful graduates enter into positions in all areas of Social Policý, such as in international organizations, government ministries, welfare associations or civil society organisations.

The joint study programme "European Master in Labour Studies and Social Policy", created by the University of Bremen and the Universitá degli Studi di Milan, offers a unique opportunity to attain degrees from both universities during a two year course. The application deadline for this international Master's programme in the field of Labour Studies is 15 July; applications are possible at both universities.

The extra-occupational further education Master's programme "Professional Public Decision Making" offers systematic, scientific training by combining various academic disciplines, such as political science, economics, sociology, philosophy, law and information technology.

The substantive focus of the MA program in International Relations: Global Governance and Social Theory is the analysis of governance beyond the nation state. This research topic is examined from a political science perspective, and within the context of enduring processes of globalization and increasing cross-border activity. This emphasis on the governance perspective and the explicit integration of general social theoretical questions is a unique feature of the MA in International Relations. Students participate in a small, relatively specialized, and academically rigorous, all English degree program.

The program is offered jointly by Jacobs University Bremen and the University of Bremen. Both universities have particularly strong positions in the field of international relations and political science. The study is thus linked to an attractive research environment. Continuation on the PhD track in Bremen is possible after completion of the MA program.